Welcome To Dawn LLP Medical Tourism.:.
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About Us  

Dawn medical tourism is a Karachi Pakistan based company, with satellite offices in America providing medical services through special relationships with some of the finest facilities in Asia and America. we offer much more than “cheaper prices” for medical treatment any where in the world.

Our real responsibility is to select trusted, fully-insured medical treatment facilities from any country of your choice that match your personal needs, and then provide a complete medical including travel and accommodation at “best value” prices within Pakistan and abroad.
Dawn medical tourism provides healthcare solutions by redefining health care delivery and cost through the passion of its people and partners in providing quality, affordable care to the clients it serves in each country.

We provides treatment package for you and our companion can also travel with the patient for best treatment and assistance any where in the world. Much like relationship with your doctor’s office, our consultants build a relationship of care and trust. Beyond a doubt, Dawn provide safest way to arrange a medical tourism trip for you and your loves one.

Why to go abroad for medical treatment ? Save time and life for serious conditions
Psychological change for different environment and advance equipment Quality of hospitals with best diet and residence for full recovery No waiting lists with 24/7 emergency service
Best medical procedures compared to many undeveloped countries Experienced medical personnel and expert companies to assist patient Quality of care for affordable price and insurance coverage Up-to-date standards of care, latest updated reports from HL7 by international database Innovative ways of treating various diseases Warm hearted hospitality and good coordination for medical traveling Hospitals, which can be named only as Centers of Excellence such as New Haven Yale and Uconn medical centers of America with many tri-state and New England treatment centers.

A chance to discover attractive sightseeing healthy food-beautiful lands and history with experience of our companions. Chance to make new friends in other continents


Welcome To Dawn LLP Medical Tourism.:.